Shimano Tiagra Groupset Review

shimano tiagra groupset

The groupset is arguably one of the most important aspects of any bike, the importance of the groupset is why Shimano ensure that every aspect of each component is carefully designed and considered so that every cyclist can enjoy a high performing, durable groupset.

One of the more advanced groupsets for fitness and sport riders, the latest Tiagra has been re-mastered with a more ergonomic and performance design. The Tiagra features Shimano’s bottom bracket with BB cups, enhancing the durability and smoothest of the bottom bracket. The crankset of the Tiagra is available as a compact double or triple, both of which are compatible with 9-speed Super Narrow HG chains and Hollowtech II type bottom bracket cups. This compatibility means that riders have the opportunity to enjoy a more accurate and smooth transition between ratios.

The Shimano Tiagra also features a Shimano 9 Spd cassette, weighing 270 grams, it features a HyperGlide design. This HyperGlide design ensures that riders can enjoy fast, accurate and smooth shifts. While the Tiagras STI levers Mega9 design further enhances the Tiagra, for more precision shifting. While the brakes of this fantastic groupset have been constructed using a lightweight aluminium calliper design, with a tough anodized finish. The careful construction of the Tiagra brakes results in a uniquely hard-wearing braking system, which our testers noted as feeling smooth and responsive.

The front derailleur is 9-speed compatible and delivers precise, smooth and quick changes making it one of the most professional components of the Tiagra and an ideal option for passionate cyclists. Similarly, the rear derailleur is also 9-speed compatible and offers riders reliability and precision.

Shimano Tiagra groupset is often overshadowed by Shimano’s other leading groupset the 105 and while the 105 is fantastic groupset, the Tiagra also possess some pioneering and professional features. Part of Shimano’s top range, the Tiagra possesses its own personality and is ideal for riders who seek pioneering and different engineering features as well as a more sleek design and more enhanced components.

Shimano Tiagra Groupset

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.0 stars ££

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