Shimano Deore XT Groupset Review

shimano deore xt groupset

Shimano have recently revealed their new Deore XT groupset, where mountain bikers can look forward to fantastic upgrades and new impressive looking components.

There is no doubt that the Deore XT groupset has been designed to meet the needs of cross country, trail, mountain riders, making it one of the most versatile groupsets available on the market today. Shimano have also included additional features ideal for trekking cyclists. Almost every part of the new XT has been redesigned and improved; only the chain and cassette components retain their original design.

The HollowTech II crankset on the new XT is available in two different versions, the FC-T781 (chain case compatible) and the FC-T780 (not chain case compatible), both include a chain guard. Also, two different two-ring models, the 38-26T option ideal for trail riders, while the 40- 28T option is perfect for racers. Shimano have also introduced a new XT lever which allows for easy conversion between three and two-ring setups.

The rear derailleurs have a new Shadow design, which has been specially created for trail rather than race riders. The rear derailleurs have been developed using a double servo-construction, which has greatly improved the adjustability and weather durability of the derailleur. The new design of the rear derailleur has also ensured that it remains extremely close to the cassette sprockets, guaranteeing that riders can enjoy easier and smoother changes throughout the ratios.

An impressive new feature of the XT is the introduction of V-Brakes and Servo Wave disc brakes with three finger levers, specifically designed for trekking use. The XT also features the XTR Ice Tech technology, so the new XT model will also benefit from cooling and a one-way bleed system as well as a three layered structure of aluminium and stainless steel. This pioneering technology and construction helps to reduce the surface temperature of the rotor, preventing any fading. Overall this technology helps to increase braking power of the new XT by 25 percent while also improving its heat dissipation.

A specific introduction for trekking cyclists is the new XT pedal; this has been specifically designed for trekking use, with an SPD binding and flat platform both included on the pedal.

There is no doubt that Shimano have carefully considered every aspect of the Deore XT, using high quality components and careful design Shimano have created a fantastic groupset that is ideal for just about every type of cyclist.

Shimano Deore XT Groupset

Rating by Adam Samuel: 4.5 stars ££

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